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Preface. “On the Very Idea of Language Sciences.” Patrick Colm Hogan

Introductory Essays

Chapter 1. Language Structure in its Human Context: New Directions for the Language Sciences in the Twenty-First Century. William Croft

Chapter 2. The Psychology of Linguistic Form. Lee Osterhout, Richard A. Wright, and Mark D. Allen

Chapter 3. The Structure of Meaning. James Pustejovsky

Chapter 4. Social Practices of Speech and Writing. Florian Coulmas

Chapter 5. Explaining Language: Neuroscience, Genetics and Evolution. Lyle Jenkins

Chapter 6. Acquisition of Language. Barbara Lust

Chapter 7. Elaborating Speech and Writing: Verbal Art. Patrick Colm Hogan

Roughly 500 entries.

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Patrick Colm Hogan
Department of English
University of Connecticut